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Transport for Wales is a body wholly owned by the Welsh Government, established for the purposes of improving transport in Wales. We’re developing plans for every part of Wales and its borders.

Transport in South Wales will be transformed

The South Wales Metro is a once in a lifetime public investment of £1.3bn in our railways. This will transform the railways of the South Wales Valleys into a modern, electric, turn-up-and-go Metro.

With ambitious plans for bus franchising reform, Metro will integrate seamlessly with the bus network. Walking and cycling to Metro stations will be easier through continued investment in new infrastructure and new cycle storage at stations.

Metro will make travel in South Wales easier, faster and more comfortable.

Once complete, Metro will deliver 4 trains per hour from the heads of the valleys. That means 12 trains an hour, or one every 5 minutes, from Pontypridd to Cardiff, and 6 trains an hour from Caerphilly to Cardiff.

Journey times from the heads of the valleys to Cardiff will fall by 20 per cent, bringing them within ~50 minutes of Cardiff. All of this on new state-of-the-art electric tram-trains.

Metro doesn’t stop there

There are ambitious plans to extend Metro in the future, and the first step is Cardiff Crossrail.

With a total of £100m investment*, the first phase of Cardiff Crossrail will deliver a brand-new tram-train link between Cardiff Central and the Bay, joining onto the existing Cardiff Bay line with the potential for future extensions into the east of Cardiff. The future of Cardiff Crossrail could even provide new links with the mainline between Cardiff and Bristol.

*Cardiff Crossrail is jointly funded by the Levelling Up Fund and the Welsh Government.

The transformation of the Cardiff Bay line, which is underway, will deliver a new station at Butetown, improvements at Cardiff Bay station and the installation of a new track. This will allow faster and more frequent services using brand new tram-trains.**

**The Bay line transformation project, part of the wider transformation work taking place to deliver Metro, has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.


New public investment at the heart of Metro

More than £300m will be invested into transforming transport in central Cardiff, including ambitious regeneration plans.

Cardiff will be the heart of South Wales Metro, with new cycling facilities, significant enhancements to Cardiff Central station, and the delivery of the new bus interchange next door.

Cardiff Central Enhancements

More than £130m of joint investment will be provided through the Department for Transport, Cardiff Capital Region and the Welsh Government to:

  • Increase capacity for long-term passenger growth
  • Reduce congestion, allowing easier interchange between services
  • Transform the passenger environment into a comfortable and modern experience

There will be seamless integration between Cardiff Central station and the brand-new central bus facility – Cardiff Bus Interchange – which will include modern, easy to understand customer information systems and clear signposting at the railway station and interchange.

Metro is just one part of our vision

Over the next few years we will deliver an unprecedented programme of bus franchising reform to make travelling around South Wales quicker and easier.

We’re working with local governments across South Wales to develop new transport schemes which will open up opportunities for investment and regeneration.
In 2023-24, the Welsh Government invested nearly £23.4m in walking and cycling improvements in Cardiff Capital Region alone.

We’re also seeking funding for further rail improvements in South Wales that will boost connectivity and make South Wales one of the best places to live and do business.

This includes a vision for 5 new railway stations between Cardiff Central and Severn Tunnel Junction. These will bring mainline services closer to people’s doorsteps, unlocking the potential of the railway and massively improving connections between Cardiff and Bristol.

A new transport network means a new fibre network

With Metro comes 120km of next generation fibre optic cable to transform internet access in the South Wales Valleys. This opens the door for a step change in communications infrastructure and faster speeds for homes and for businesses.

More great reasons to invest in CCR

Our capital city, Cardiff, has experienced jobs growth over 20% in the past decade, with visitor numbers growing by 50%.
To compete well in today’s global economy you need confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce. In our Region we have a youthful workforce with diverse skills, talent, motivation and loyalty.
The Cardiff Capital Region is in a strategically strong position with excellent access to mainline rail networks.
Cardiff’s diverse economy is among the most competitive of the UK Core Cities. The heavy industry of the past has given way to flourishing service and knowledge-driven sectors.
In Wales, the Welsh Government have set an ambitious target of delivering 20,000 new low carbon affordable homes this Government term.
The Cardiff Capital Region is renowned for hosting conferences and we are proud of our reputation as a leading destination for national and international events in our cities of Cardiff and Newport.
The Cardiff Capital Region provides clear cost advantages with competitive property costs in comparison with other major UK cities.
Quality of life is one of the big competitive advantages of the Cardiff Capital Region. Cardiff is consistently recognised as one of the best cities to live in by residents.
To drive success in the commercial arena we have set up costed and targeted funds that help to create such environments.