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The Cardiff Capital Region is in a strategically strong position with excellent access to mainline rail networks. 

The £1 billion Metro investment will see a significant increase in speed, capacity and frequency of the core city-region transport system.


With its rich world famous history, the various ports throughout the coastline of the Cardiff Capital Region have vast expertise in the handling of containers, steel, forest products, and bulk cargoes. With good connections to the rail network, and within easy reach of the M4 motorway, the port handles around 1.7 million tonnes annually, supplying customers with specialist storage solutions and dedicated handling equipment.


Cardiff Capital Region boasts excellent train connections to the rest of the UK. Cardiff Central Station has direct twice-hourly services to central London with journey times of 1hr 45 minutes post-electrification in 2019. The Region has one of the largest urban rail networks in the UK outside London with almost 100 rail stations.

The network is currently being upgraded with £1bn of investment to electrify rail infrastructure across South Wales bringing the Capital Region even closer. More than half of the total population of Wales will be able to commute by rail to Cardiff city centre in less than an hour. The city also has a Eurofreight terminal and is the main rail freight depot in Wales for European and world markets.


The Cardiff Capital Region is located on the M4 motorway, linking the Region to London, southern England and other cities in South Wales. Typically Heathrow Airport is easily reached in around two hours. The M50 / M5 motorways link the Region to the Midlands and the North of England with Birmingham just two hours away.


The Region has its own airport situated next to the Severn Estuary near to Cardiff, which the Welsh Government acquired in 2013. The airport boasts a long runway, capable of taking the A380 jet, offers an “over water” approach and is the base for BA’s long–haul aircraft maintenance facility. As a globally connected investor-ready region, we have an accessible, thriving international airport operating as a “Gateway to Wales”, hosting major carriers and serving the major global business and tourist destinations.
Significant investment is ongoing to improve airport access, infrastructure and route development and these must continue to ensure an international gateway into the Region along with encouraging the airport to develop its commercial propositions to airlines serving major business destinations.

Contributed to the local economy each year by the Port of Cardiff
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More great reasons to invest in CCR

Our capital city, Cardiff, has experienced jobs growth over 20% in the past decade, with visitor numbers growing by 50%.
To compete well in today’s global economy you need confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce. In our Region we have a youthful workforce with diverse skills, talent, motivation and loyalty.
Cardiff’s diverse economy is among the most competitive of the UK Core Cities. The heavy industry of the past has given way to flourishing service and knowledge-driven sectors.
In Wales, the Welsh Government have set an ambitious target of delivering 20,000 new low carbon affordable homes this Government term.
The South Wales Metro is a once in a lifetime public investment of £1.3bn in our railways. This will transform the railway of the South Wales Valleys into a modern, electric, turn-up-and-go Metro.
The Cardiff Capital Region is renowned for hosting conferences and we are proud of our reputation as a leading destination for national and international events in our cities of Cardiff and Newport.
The Cardiff Capital Region provides clear cost advantages with competitive property costs in comparison with other major UK cities.
Quality of life is one of the big competitive advantages of the Cardiff Capital Region. Cardiff is consistently recognised as one of the best cities to live in by residents.
To drive success in the commercial arena we have set up costed and targeted funds that help to create such environments.