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CCR Funds

The Cardiff Capital Region team is committed to creating environments that fuel ambition and drive success throughout our economy. To drive this success in the commercial arena we have set up costed and targeted funds that help to create such environments.

The following funds from CCR are available to local businesses and to companies that relocate to the Region.


Strategic Premises Fund

Our Strategic Premises Fund (SPF) comprises £50m of development debt for commercial real estate schemes with the overarching goal to accelerate the growth of the South East Wales economy. Commercial loans vary from £2m-£15m with a target loan period of three years.

Set up by CCR and managed by CBRE, the SPF’s primary aim is to accelerate the delivery of employment space through commercial development and site-specific infrastructure. The Fund can provide support to developers, investors, and business owners across a range of sectors.


Innovation Investment Capital

Launched in November 2022, the sector agnostic Innovation Investment Capital (IIC) is a £50 million commitment to help scale innovative SME success in the Region. This provides patient capital through investments of £2m-£7m to high-growth enterprises based in, or expanding to, one of the ten unitary authorities of the Cardiff Capital Region.

IIC is looking to back those businesses that demonstrate credible potential for generating attractive returns with funding for each individual investment considered on a case-by-case basis.


Northern Valleys Initiative

Set to be launched in February 2024, the £50m Northern Valleys Initiative is to drive growth in the Northern Valleys sub-region of CCR. This will cover six Local Authority Partners: Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Caerphilly, Torfaen and Bridgend. The programme will support delivery of state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting edge digital connectivity and stimulate tourism; to encourage private investment, generate jobs and drive prosperity, leaving strong foundations that will ultimately make the region, resilient, less damaging to the environment and more competitive.


Cluster Development Growth Programme

CCR has launched a unique £6.6 million programme to drive economic development across Southeast Wales by boosting job creation and skills and unlocking barriers to growth for businesses. Jointly funded by CCR and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the two-year Cluster Development Growth Programme will deliver targeted projects across the Region, supporting activity within CCR’s priority sectors: Fintech, MedTech, Cybersecurity, Compound Semiconductors, and Creative Industries, along with CCR’s Net Zero ambitions.


Investment Zone in the Cardiff Capital Region

The Cardiff Capital Region is to host one of the UK’s refocused Investment Zones in a joint funding package with the UK and Welsh Governments. The joint package is worth £160m over a period of up to ten years and will be delivered from 2024 onwards.

The intention for the Investment Zones is to catalyse high-potential knowledge-intensive growth clusters across the UK, with each Zone driving the growth of at least one key future sector from among green industries, digital technologies, life sciences, creative industries and advanced manufacturing.

In addition to CCR’s funding programmes there are other funds that might be relevant to companies that are based in Wales. The most prominent and recent among them is the new Investment Fund for Wales:


Investment Fund for Wales

The Investment Fund for Wales will deliver a £130 million commitment of new funding to the Welsh economy.

The fund, provided by the British Business Bank, aims to drive sustainable economic growth by supporting innovation and creating local opportunity for new and growing businesses across Wales.

The Investment Fund for Wales offers a range of commercial finance options with smaller loans from £25,000 to £100,000, debt finance from £100,000 to £2m and equity investment up to £5m. The fund covers the whole of Wales, including rural, coastal and urban areas.

More great reasons to invest in CCR

Our capital city, Cardiff, has experienced jobs growth over 20% in the past decade, with visitor numbers growing by 50%.
To compete well in today’s global economy you need confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce. In our Region we have a youthful workforce with diverse skills, talent, motivation and loyalty.
The Cardiff Capital Region is in a strategically strong position with excellent access to mainline rail networks.
Cardiff’s diverse economy is among the most competitive of the UK Core Cities. The heavy industry of the past has given way to flourishing service and knowledge-driven sectors.
In Wales, the Welsh Government have set an ambitious target of delivering 20,000 new low carbon affordable homes this Government term.
The South Wales Metro is a once in a lifetime public investment of £1.3bn in our railways. This will transform the railway of the South Wales Valleys into a modern, electric, turn-up-and-go Metro.
The Cardiff Capital Region is renowned for hosting conferences and we are proud of our reputation as a leading destination for national and international events in our cities of Cardiff and Newport.
The Cardiff Capital Region provides clear cost advantages with competitive property costs in comparison with other major UK cities.
Quality of life is one of the big competitive advantages of the Cardiff Capital Region. Cardiff is consistently recognised as one of the best cities to live in by residents.