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A Strong Ecosystem

Cardiff’s diverse economy is among the most competitive of the UK Core Cities. The heavy industry of the past has given way to flourishing service and knowledge-driven sectors and the Region has developed a well-earned reputation for having a deep talent pool strongly supported by high performing universities.

The enthusiasm of the staff, the skill set that we’ve got here and also the loyalty to the brand and loyalty to each other makes Cardiff an exceptional site. The quality of the workforce is excellent and I think sometimes we’re spoilt for choice.

Claire Edington, Head of Customer Client Operations for LGIM and Cardiff Location Director, Legal & General PLC

Multi-talented, multi-cultural, young, enthusiastic and future-focused. Today, around 630,000 people are employed across the Cardiff Capital Region. The key sectors with both significant clusters of activity and capacity for growth include:

Financial & Fintech Services

Creative Economy & Digital Industries

Cyber Security Analytics

Compound Semiconductors


More great reasons to invest in CCR

Our capital city, Cardiff, has experienced jobs growth over 20% in the past decade, with visitor numbers growing by 50%.
To compete well in today’s global economy you need confidence in a highly skilled, adaptable and dependable workforce. In our Region we have a youthful workforce with diverse skills, talent, motivation and loyalty.
The Cardiff Capital Region is in a strategically strong position with excellent access to mainline rail networks.
In Wales, the Welsh Government have set an ambitious target of delivering 20,000 new low carbon affordable homes this Government term.
The South Wales Metro is a once in a lifetime public investment of £1.3bn in our railways. This will transform the railway of the South Wales Valleys into a modern, electric, turn-up-and-go Metro.
The Cardiff Capital Region is renowned for hosting conferences and we are proud of our reputation as a leading destination for national and international events in our cities of Cardiff and Newport.
The Cardiff Capital Region provides clear cost advantages with competitive property costs in comparison with other major UK cities.
Quality of life is one of the big competitive advantages of the Cardiff Capital Region. Cardiff is consistently recognised as one of the best cities to live in by residents.
To drive success in the commercial arena we have set up costed and targeted funds that help to create such environments.